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How do I purchase?

We prefer to use a Title Company to close all transactions. They act as a third party and protect you the buyer. They will insure that we are the owners and have the right to sell as well as hold the money in escrow while the title transfers. All we need to get started is a signed contract!

Why is there no address?

A property will not have an address until you request it from the county. If a property has never been improved (a permit pulled for a structure) then it probably will not have an address.

Do I need a survey?

This is totally up to the buyer. You will know where the corners of your land are within a few feet by using GPS. But for the exact spot you will need a survey.

How do I find land with GPS corners?

You can plug the GPS coordinates in a smartphone on google maps. If there is no cell signal in the area you will need a handheld satellite device.

How can I find out what specific use I can utilize on a piece of land?

You need to call the county planning department, reference the properties parcel number and ask about a specific use.