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About Us

American Land Resources was formed with one goal in mind, to serve the public with great deals on vacant land.  This journey started in 2015 when the founding partners were looking for a recreational getaway.  When they started looking through the conventional channels we found many parcels that were listed in the multiple listing service (MLS) with a terrible listing,  no real  information was provided on the land, no pictures or video was provided and most of the parcels were way overpriced.  So we started connecting with  local land owners to see if anyone was interested in selling there land.  We found a few interested individuals who no longer wanted there land and were willing to sell. Next we actually conducted a real on site inspection and collected real photos of video of the land.  Then we hand selected our dream parcel of land.

Fast forward 30 months and somethings have changed and some things have not.  We are still a family run business that enjoys connecting with everyday people with a great piece of land.  However we are now EXPERTS at locating off market properties and delivering them to the public at very competitive prices.

Take a look at our current listings.  If something catches your eye act fast, our inventory is constantly turning over.